Luis G. Gómez Web Producer - Front-end Engineer


Multi-disciplinary technical and creative background with a strong focus on front-end development, user experience and project management. Over twelve years of experience producing web sites and web applications. Bilingual and bicultural with experience in US, US-Hispanic, Latin American and European markets. Efficient liaison between technology, marketing and creative departments.

For access to the full version of this site including my résumé, please get in touch with me.

Contact Me

To contact me send an email to or call (786) 372-0227. You can also find me on Twitter, and LinkedIn.


This chart attempts to portray an approximate level of skill in each of the displayedskills. Level of expertise is estimated based on amount of time spent on each in recent years through different companies and projects. Where applicable I include some of the common tools or technologies used for a particular skill. Hover over the skills to increase contrast.

Front-end Development → Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Less, performance optimization, etc...
UX/IA/Prototyping → sketching, rapid prototyping, design through code, focus groups, etc...
Back-end Development → Node.js, CouchDB, MongoDB, PHP, Ruby, MySQL, etc...
Graphic Design → PhotoShop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, etc...
Sysadmin → Linux, Bash Scripting, Git, Github, SVN, etc...
Project Management
Business Development